Technical Committee

The IFES Steering Committee (ISC) has established a Technical Committee (TC) to address technical issues of relevance to the IFES community. The committee formed in late-2018 and aims to help researchers across the whole community who face common problems in their daily research. The formation of such a committee was requested and backed by members of over 20 laboratories worldwide, to help provide standards and recommendations that will support current and future activities of researchers in the area of field-emission and associated research.

At this time (February 2019), the committee is seeking to identify and make recommendations on specific technical issues, under a theme of “enabling and enhancing the computational analysis of atom probe data”. The TC is thus currently examining inter-laboratory data sharing concerns and data provenance. The committee will make recommendations to the ISC, to provide researchers with best-practice guidance on these and other technical issues.

Committee discussions are publicly available (!forum/atomprobe-tc), allowing for interested community members to follow ongoing activities, and providing useful background information for official disseminations from the committee.

We hope that the technical committee will provide a source of excellence in research methodologies, and provide guidance to tackle problems which are met by research labs across the world.

If you have any ideas or concerns aligned with the TC's current theme, please contact a member of the committee:


The TC is to be a “responsive” committee that will consider matters presented to it from a cross- section of the community. Matters that are to be considered shall be those of a technical nature, where a dissemination from the TC can be reasonably expected to provide guidance to the community. The TC must have a theme, to provide a focus for the work of the TC. Themes may be proposed by members of the IFES community, and the TC may adopt or change the theme on approval from the ISC.
•    To advise the ISC and the IFES community on matters of importance that are technical in nature.
•    To communicate best practices and methods for the communication and dissemination of field-emission data, techniques and knowledge.
•    To ensure that technical data and recommendations are made available publicly, in perpetuity, with no barriers to access.

Committee Members

“Technical Committee Members (November 2018 – APT&M 2020):

Daniel Haley, University of Oxford, United Kingdom                                         (committee chair)

Anna Ceguerra, Sydney University, Australia

Markus Kühbach, Max Planck Institut für Eisenforchung, Germany

Andrew London, UK Atomic Energy Authority, United Kingdom

Christian Oberdorfer, The Ohio State University, USA

Bertand Radiguet, Université De Rouen, France

David Reinhard, Cameca, USA”

Dieter Isheim, Northwestern University, USA